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Re: Manti Te'o Makes Up Dead Girlfriend

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i think making up a dead girlfriend isn't as newsworthy as being a massive drugs cheat thats made millions over the years and contributed to the destruction of a sports credibility.
But that's my point though. The whole Armstrong thing, no to me how long it's dragged out has been wiped out of the news consciousness because a story about a Norte Dame's star player's girlfriend has completely taken over. I think it's just ridiculous how much this story has gotten covered.
Yeah, but the thing with the Lance Armstrong story is that most people have pretty much known or suspected for years now. I could give a shit if he sits on the couch and admits it to Oprah. It's just not that interesting. All that does is confirm what most people probably knew.

This Manti story, albeit on a much smaller scale is one of the most batshit crazy stories I have ever heard in sports. Its also interesting to see mainstream media with egg on their face when the little engine that could (Deadspin) broke this story with what seemed like rudimentary fact finding. There is actually something of a mystery to this story that actually makes it interesting.
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