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Last night I made a tomato soup that turned out delicious, plus I was so filling and I made so much that I had food for tonights dinner, and tomorrows lunch and dinner if I feel like it!
Oh, do you have a recipe? That does sound nice!

That sounds delicious! Though I might see if I (and this gonna sound like sacrilege) will remove the beans. Or at least not do as much of them. I know, I know, no chili without beans, but I'm not a huge fan. Luckily bro is so he might eat mine.
That's what home cooking's for. I love the taste of chilli but I can't take the spiciness so when I make mine I leave out half of the chili powder

J. - this is my favourite thread right now - I love reading about food, so a thread on healthy eating is going to be very good for me
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