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Re: The Worf & Troi romance... what are your thoughts on it?

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Worf being so opposed to hooking up with non-Klingon women was kind of dumb and something he obviously got over. He was literally the only Klingon in the Federation. Where was he planning to find this Klingon dream girl of his?

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Are you talking about K'heylar who pretty much thinks all things Klingon are stupid? Yeah sorry, but that doesn't fit Worf's dream profile.

So say nothing about refusing proposals despite getting pregnant and hiding the kid from dad just don't lead to happy endings. Oh and the Duras stabbing too kinda makes it hard for them unless Worf is into necrophilia.

Dax was basically a pale skinned, blue eyed Klingon half the time in the way she acted. Troi... I could just picture her nagging Worf all the time about those weapons, and Klingon statues and stuff in his quarters.
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