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I don't get how there was only 1 baby born on that ship in all that time. Correct me if I am wrong because I fully admit to not knowing the details of VOY the way I do TNG and DS9. But I do know that they were out there with the idea that they'd be on that ship 70-ish years. That means that they'd need their very own "Next Generation" to actually get them home cause most of them would be dead or almost dead by the end of it. Sure, they picked up a few Borg kids towards the end but that was it?

Janeway needed to at least program some holes in the replicated condoms or tell the Doctor he can't prescribe the pill anymore. Something. It's unrealistic that Torres and Paris are the only couple to hook up and start a family. But, I'm a Niner and everyone on that show hooks up, lol.
Yeah, it should've been quietly encouraged for the crew to be hooking up and having children instead of the prudish Starfleet attitude of not touching anything of the opposite gender unless it's an alien of the week then game on.

Neelix would deserve to be running the daycare too I think, though he's not reliable enough so the Doctor would probably get stuck with changing diapers and whiny children.
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