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Re: Enterprise Cutaway Coming From Dragon Models

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Which would be better?

A partial cutaway model, with only certain sections exposed as seen in this model


a full cutaway, right down the middle, see the whole guts of the ship bi-sected?
I'm somewhat undecided but if Dragon Models is listening this is what I would like the best:

A model kit of the original studio set like the one Matt Jefferies did with paper to help the TOS directors plan their camera positions at 1:32 or 1:35 scale !!!

(the old AMT command bridge and shuttlecraft were one of these scakes, I believe).

Have this one with movable walls (like the original set) and forget about that LEGO stuff. I'd have a wonderful time with my two boys building new corridors and new sections of the ship on a weekly basis and eventually make a deck by deck Enterprise in 1:35 scale (needless to add it would be more fun for all our deck plan blueprinting projects if you were able to do that in real 3D - especially if you are not a CAD wizard ).

Now, that's something I'd be willing to pay 175.00 $ without a moment of hesitation.

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