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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Up next is the Fortunate son!

Nausicaans yaaay Seriously these guys do not get enough screen time or development as a species imho although these Nausicaans are kinda different than those seen on previous trek series. Shorter, greener and with forehead spikes?

Anyhow I really liked this episode. Sure it was obvious the freighter crew were hiding something and a little frustrating that Archer and his crew spent so much time helping them instead of investigating what was wrong. But its not like they spent the entire episode just accepting the freighter crew assurances that nothing was wrong at face value. Archer and co were suspicious fairly early on they just didn’t act on it until they had solid evidence to justify their suspicions. And that whole fixing the ship and adding useful upgrades then using it as leverage later to get the freighter crew to come clean was a pretty smooth move Archer actually impressed me this episode.

I think the acting freighter captain is suffering from PTSD. His conversations with Travis reveal that he survived some kinda tragedy so horrific people are scared to speak of it. I think that’s a big part of why he seems so bitter about the Nausicaanas and about Mayweather having left his freighter family to join Starfleet. He lost his family and friends not through choice doesn’t want to lose them again and cant understand why anyone would willingly give that up. Also hes out for revenge and since he cant get the guys who took his original family he will settle for the nausicaans.

It’s a shame cause he and Travis seemed to be getting along great until the freighter captains past tragedy was brought up. Its interesting how Travis gets developed here as he comes across as an over eager child for most of the episode (How old is he meant to be? Is he the Checkov?) but he stands up in the end and manages to convince the freighter captain into letting the Nausicaan go. He could have been more coherent in his speech but hes winging it and not used to speaking so publicly so he did a good job under the circumstances. I definitely think that if Archer had delivered the same speech it wouldn’t have had as much impact on the freighter guy and they would have continued fighting but with Travis being a boomer and former freighter person it worked.

I’m gonna give this episode five stars cause I really enjoyed it the only real moment that annoyed was when Archer got tricked by the freighter crew and ended up adrift in a container with a hole in it and when he contacts Enterprise come rescue us is the last thing he says! But that moment was just so stupid it was kinda so I can overlook it.
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