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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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I'll write more about this episode later (I have to leave for a bit) but take this tidbit from Jammer's review.

"Dear Doctor" is evidence that television absolutely does not have to pander to the lowest common denominator or hit us over the head with obvious dialog to get our attention. This episode earns our attention by simply telling a good story. "Dear Doctor" is, I fear, a rarer treasure than we might at first give it credit for. This episode stops and listens. It hears. It observes. It has a true understanding of human nature. It has perspectives of a kind that I want to see more of. And it believes in an audience that is interested in the true spirit of Star Trek and exploration rather than selling out in the name of being the hip flavor of the week.
This is a real story.
Now go look up the SciFi Debris review of the same episode...
Yeah I did see it... and guess what, I agree with many points in it...

particularly points about evolution..

And isn't that what makes it great, that there can be something to talk about.

But I'll admit that often storytelling... how it's told... is just as important as the story itself. The episode is very calm, very moving in it's own unhurried way. The characters might be wrong, but they try to be right, and plot itself isn't contrived to make the episode fulfill a ratings quotient.

Again, I reiterate my first point: I like the controversy. Makes it a strong episode!
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