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Re: Did DS9 "pound for pound" have the best acting cast?

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The more I watch DS9 now, Brooks' acting bugs me more and more. He approaches every scene like he's doing Shakespeare on stage. It didn't bother back when I was first watching it, but now it does. I've been known to FF past a Sisko monologue or two. I've been trying to get my husband into DS9, but he keeps asking me why the Captain is always yelling.

That said I think DS9, save for perhaps Farrell and Dorn, had the best actors as a whole. Andrew Robinson alone is worth 10 of anyone else (even Mr. "There are 4 Lights" himself)
The great thing about the way Brooks plays Sisko is that no matter what he's doing he looks completely into it and like he's enjoying himself. Needs to be a Klingon? He's really into being a Klingon. Needs to be Gabriel Bell? He's really into it.

I'd say Voyager has more weak links than them. I never found Torres or Paris very convincing. I think its only particularly strong links are the big three.
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