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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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If I recall correctly the turbo lifts in ST II were "inoperative below C Deck" (reminder: for the movies they apparently changed the numbers for letters) as a result of the battle with Khan and in TOS "Let That Be" Lokai and Bele equally just could get down to Deck 3 ("C Deck ") and had to continue their pursuit down to the lower decks by means of (unseen) ladders and/or stairways.

Seems to me as if there are only turbo lifts connecting Decks 1, 2 and 3 which in case of an emergency have a separate backup power system.
All I'm saying is, the more complicated and power-hungry you make the turbolift system, the more likely it is to fail in a wider variety of crisis situations. It will always need power to run; but how much power, of what type, and on what other systems it depends are issues that seem worth considering.

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What's wrong with good old magnetism? Back in the 60's the monorail was a big thing and I think a TV series of that era would have depicted futuristic elevators making use of that technology.
Maglev technology only has to worry about gravity in one direction, and propelling one or two local trains forward on an essentially linear track that constrains the vehicle's path. The magnets are concerned only with propulsion and/or friction elimination, not steering or routing.

The turbolift system, on the other hand, has perhaps 20 to 200 tiny little one-car trains that are buzzing about each other, moving sideways and slantways and longways and backways and frontways and squareways and any other ways that you can think of, changing sequence, direction, and possibly orientation, in a context of shifting gravity and inertial damper effects.

Maybe it works; I need to see if I can visualize it.

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But instead of wheels I'd favor monorail magnetic tracks.
If you've got a way to position and microcontrol those magnets to handle all the acceleration/deceleration, lane changes, direction changes, cab reorientation for termini in different facings, etc., I'm not opposed to it. I suppose maybe the tubes are full of rails and the magnets are all over the outside of the cabs? Thus the cabs crawl along the tubes by pulling and/or pushing against the rails as a surrogate for wheel friction?

I guess that could explain why we don't see any obvious traction apparatus on top of the cab in Disaster. The electromagnets are super-low-profile (perhaps sitting just behind thin, frictionless panels) and not obviously visible. Visually, all you really need are rails in the tubes and matching flat areas on all facings of the cabs. Which seems like a decent fit for this screencap, actually.

Okay, I'm starting to warm up to that. Fewer moving parts is good, too. I guess I just need to visualize how we jump tracks and make route changes.

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