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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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That's why I liked the episode, because it dared to rub us all the wrong way. Isn't that what some good fiction is supposed to do, to instigate conversation?
It's not that it dared to rub us the wrong way, it's the way it posited the dilemma.

Phlox says the Valakians are holding the Menk back from evolving. Yet we see a group that has it's own spoken language and is smart enough to work in hospitals of all places.

Phlox is simply wrong. These aren't the people on the cusp of an awakening, they are already there. Something he says won't happen for another thousand years, if ever. But he expects Archer to to allow billions to die on a possibility. Then he signs off on giving the Valakians something to control the symptoms for another ten years or so. Which makes no sense.

It's almost like they had two separate scripts that they tried to mash together and failed miserably.

Then you have no thought given to the possibility that the Valakian presence was the very thing driving the Menk to sentience. No thought given to the horrors the Menk would face when the Valakians die out.

Terrible, terrible episode. Andre Bormanis should've been fired if he thought that script passed scientific muster.
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