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Excellent analysis, CorporalClegg!

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I agree with most everyone's comments about Jadzia. To me, it seemed like the writers tried way too hard to make her interesting, and it just came off as forced. She was a genius with eight lifetimes' worth of knowledge, Sisko's oldest friend, a Klingon warrior, and nearly every male character was in love with her, but somehow she just didn't live up to all the hype. I never disliked her, but she was always my least favorite of the main cast. And I always gave an inward sigh whenever she was the main focus of an episode.
I agree. I only like Jadzia cause Worf is my favorite ST character and he liked her She was too "everything" on a show where people were made more interesting by their "faults" so to speak. The fact that he had no faults became her biggest failing. Things that are perfect are not interesting. Not to mention her stale acting skills.

I guess in a big ensemble cast, someone's got to be the Geordi LaForge/Harry Kim of the group. Jadzia Dax was it.
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