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Re: Maybe the Villian Was Originally Khan?

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Am I wrong, or did they say from the start that the villain was going to be a known one from existing Trek lore?
Not from the moment the casting was announced, but it's from July 2012, so it ought to suffice:
TrekMovie interview w/Roberto Orci wrote: OK, I want to try and get something out of you that is actually new about the movie. Kind of like you did on the radio show but I will name a guest actor in the sequel and you will say if they are playing a new character you created or one from the original Star Trek canon.

Roberto Orci: OK, Iíll play. OK letís start with Alice Eve. Canon or new?

Roberto Orci: Canon Noel Clarke?

Roberto Orci: New I assume that also goes for Nanzeen Contractor, who plays his wife?

Roberto Orci: Yes, new. Peter Weller

Roberto Orci: New. Joseph Gatt

Roberto Orci: New. OK and the big one, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Roberto Orci: Canon.
There you go - all ready to be printed out and stapled to something near at hand. (You'll note, however, that the words are "new character you created or one from the original Star Trek canon" - not "canon villain".)
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