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He's a real trooper. What happened is that he and his "sister" Grymta, a siberian wolfhound (think that's the name, think "Laika") had escaped the house at some point. Someone probably missed closing a door. and thye ran out into the dark winter night, seeking adventure and food...and happened upon the dark busy road nearby.

What happened was that someone was driving along and noticed Grymta sitting at the side of the road, barking at the cars. This person stopped and got out, at which point Grymta got scared and ran home. They looked down into the ditch and there was Gaston all beat up and bleeding. His colors made him almost invisible until you where standing next to him. Had they not found him he'd most likely been buried when the snowplow would've been along. Luckily someone did, alerted the police and once they got there the immediately lifted him into the car and drove at highest speed to the nearest animal hospital.

It was really close for the first few days and operations. He had a very low survival chance. But he pushed on trough. And now he's the big old happy oaf that he used to be. I call him "Brontosaurus" because he's so big and gangly

And yeah, I loved each and every one of our Cockers. Such sweet dogs, but unfortunately so many health issue inherent with "purebred" dogs. I really do love our cats as well, they're so cuddly. And it's hilarious how the dog and the cats mimic each other. Especially when Zilwer tries to catch flies with his poor vision
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