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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Kegg wrote: View Post
That's the first time I've ever seen that statement to be honest. I can understand liking Babylon 5 better overall, but Farscape's first season was actually pretty damn good, while Babylon 5's was mostly dire.
I'd say it's more a case of B5's first season going from the sublime to the ridiculous tbh. And the Sky Full of Stars, Mind War, Signs & Portents, Babylon Squared, Chrysalis were far from dire. Grail,TKO, Infection OTOH......

Lindley wrote: View Post
Season 3 is easily my favourite year of Farscape.
Mine too. In fact, by season's end, it's been a pretty amazing year.

Overall, Farscape had some truly great characters, and some terrific writing, but B5's series-spanning narrative is just irresistible, and then, some of the characters are pretty unbelievable too (G'kar, Londo...)!

Either way, let's just be grateful that there's room enough for both (and DS9! )
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