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Re: Geordi's Authority

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But Geordi had the position of Chief Engineer. Does that not trump Data's position of Second Officer?
Nope. A Second Officer is third in command of the entire ship.
There's a grey area there IMHO. In TOS Scotty was often in charge of the ship when Kirk and Spock were on landing parties. I know it's heavily implied that Scotty was simply both Chief Engineer and Second Officer of the original Enterprise, but surely that's not terribly efficient? Second Officer should be somebody who is regularly stationed on the bridge (which Scotty nominally shouldn't have been). Sulu or Uhura, maybe. So, there's definitely reason to assume that the Chief Engineer is very high up the ol' pecking order.

Admittedly, the structure of rank seen aboard the NCC 1701-D differed considerably from that seen on the original NCC 1701.
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