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The first Austin Powers movie did poorly in theatres, but was a hit on video. That's why they did the first sequel (that being a hit being the reason they did another one). So, yeah, there's precedent.
The first movie didn't perform as well as either of its sequels, but it still made $67 million worldwide against a $16.5 million budget. Dredd, on the other hand, only made $32.7 million, against a budget of $50 million.

I'm actually considering passing on the German release in favor of a UK or US DVD, because that's where it really counts to the studio.
At the box office, domestic (North American) grosses are less and less important to the studios. No idea if that also applies to home video, but I'd wager it was the case.

Still haven't seen this movie, but I might if/when it comes to Netflix instant.
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