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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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The fact that turbolifts need to continue to function when other ship's systems are down (and indeed we do see this in many episodes) suggests that they should use the simplest technology available, not the most complex.
If I recall correctly the turbo lifts in ST II were "inoperative below C Deck" (reminder: for the movies they apparently changed the numbers for letters) as a result of the battle with Khan and in TOS "Let That Be" Lokai and Bele equally just could get down to Deck 3 ("C Deck ") and had to continue their pursuit down to the lower decks by means of (unseen) ladders and/or stairways.

Seems to me as if there are only turbo lifts connecting Decks 1, 2 and 3 which in case of an emergency have a separate backup power system.

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The thing about force fields and antigravity is that they are slow. Dog slow. Think about all the times we've seen an antigrav sled or M-4 or Nomad slogging around at a top speed of 0.7 miles per hour. We can blame TV production again here; but also, when people's lives are at stake and collision avoidance is paramount, you can't really afford high speed or acceleration when there's no friction-based means of slowing things back down. Ever see a hovercraft stop on a dime? Me neither. Turbolifts need to be fast. Cheetah fast. Wheels can do that for us, safely and cost-effectively.
What's wrong with good old magnetism? Back in the 60's the monorail was a big thing and I think a TV series of that era would have depicted futuristic elevators making use of that technology.

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In the end, for believability, relatability, and (don't forget this one) good storytelling, we still see the ship's crew drinking good old-fashioned coffee from cups, washing their faces with water, bribing people, purchasing souvenirs, eating turkey on Thanksgiving, and having conversations about all kinds of mundane things that will still be part of the human condition even if we make it to the year 3,000. Like wheels.
I share the sentiment, though admittedly with some reluctance.
But instead of wheels I'd favor monorail magnetic tracks.

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