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Re: Gerry Anderson has passed away

Tangently on a young child between the ages of 6 to maybe 8, I caught sporadic episodes of Stingray, Fireball XL-5, and Thunderbirds when I visited my grandmother in south Georgia. WCTV aired those various series on early Saturday mornings during the late 60s through early 70s. A few year later, it aired Space: 1999 during the early afternoon on Saturday. Oddly enough, I don't remember any channel in Birmingham, AL airing any Gerry Anderson productions during those same years.

Anyway, at that easily confused age, I somehow got it in my head that the various characters were handicapped, that they were paralyzed from the waist down and required "wheelchairs" to get about. the fact many of the characters used interesting conveyances to reach their designated vehicles rather than simply walking and running to them led to this mistaken assumption. Never mind that the different series did show puppets "walking"; I somehow "blocked" those facts as they would have disproven my "reasoning".

Anybody else here come up with some crazy ideas relating to those shows?


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