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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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While I still hold to the opinion that the treatment of women in Trek09 with laughable, I do give kudos to this new movie in letting Uhura take on a more prominent role that I hope will be more than just benefiting the male characters. Like in the comic books that IDW have been releasing where she defies even Kirk's orders to save Spock and everyone on the Galileo Seven.
I give the Uhura/Spock transporter scene a pass for the same reason I gave BSG a pass for 'fraterinizing at the end of the world'. Because it IS the end of the world (or could be in the Trek example)...people don't think very logically in those cases.

Hopefully in the next movie, we won't see the XO and the Comm officer making out in front of the Captain while he taps his foot and whistles waiting for them to get their tongues out of each others mouth.
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