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Captain Jim Kirk.

Okay so we all know that one of the most constructive criticism of the 09 film was that Kirk becomes the captain way too easy. In the second film it has been stated that Kirk will lose his captaincy.

Does anybody else feel that JJ Abrams did this as a response to the fact that many fans gave him a hard time for letting Kirk take the captain's chair so easy in the first place?

JJ Abrams also says that Kirk earns his captaincy in the second film, Does this mean that Kirk loosing the captaincy is a direct response to the criticism by the fans of how Kirk got it so easy in the 09 film or is it just a coincidence (The coincidence been that JJ didnít take the fans criticism into account when making the second film) that Kirk wonít be captain for most part of the second film and will have to earn his post back.

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