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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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I really don't see any issue here at all. If anything, it's good that Uhura is finally getting her moment. Hell, for the first 42 years of the franchise she didn't have a first name and the only thing memorable she did was force a guy into a closet at gun point...

Don't forget "The Lorelei Signal" episode of TAS.

With all the men incapacitated by the signal coming up from the planet, Uhura tells Scotty she's relieving him of command; half out of it, he replies "Very thoughtful of ya', luv."

She then orders that female-only security teams keep watch over the transporters and not allow anyone to leave the ship.

For a moment Christine Chapel's taken aback. "WHAT are you doing?" she asks.

Uhura doesn't miss a beat. "Taking command of this ship."

I won't get into her Kirk-like leading of the rescue party to the planet surface, and how she and her security officers handle the female aliens.

It made for GOOD Star Trek, even if the actual episode has to be supplemented with the novelized version to smooth out the wrinkles.
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