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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

I have TOS Remastered and TNG-ENT on DVD, so I'm not planning on buying it all over again, but I do have the movies all on blu-ray, but TNG Remastered looks like new so it's good these 'sample' discs are going to be out there, hopefully some future episodes will get the same treatment. Looking further into the future, I relish the thought of DS9's Emissary and The Way of the Warrior in HD.

I do plan on getting 'The Next Level' too, hopefully the special features will be interesting.

There was a feature length edit of 'The Best of Both Worlds' on YouTube which edited the epiodes into a movie, cutting the 'ad breaks' unlike the VHS, and added scenes from the openings of First Contact and Emissary to expand things a bit.
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