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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Well, since everyone is talking about it, I guess I'll answer my first question from the first post. Based off my experience, I'd go with (and I did go with, which is obvious to anyone who followed this topic ) B5. Farscape had a good first season, and some good main characters, but then it went downhill with season 2, with a mediocre villain, a horrible addition to the cast (who came in at the very end of Season 1, actually) and a big drop in the quality of the writing. There were enough bright spots to make me keep going for awhile after season 1, but after a very jumping the shark moment

I stopped watching. That was the last staw for me, and I gave up on the show.
I don't want to put this in spoiler tags, but I will just to be polite.

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