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Re: Federation members or not? (Canon sources only, please)

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... and it being such a shock in "The Host" that Trills are joined with symbionts ...
Remember, the majority of Trills aren't joined. And if you interacted with a joined trill, you wouldn't know it unless they told you, or there was a medical exam.

Sisko might have known Curzon for years before finding out he was joined, and if Curzon told Sisko this information in confianace, I can see Sisko keeping it to himself.

It's like when Kirk and McCoy found out the details of Pon Farr, I seriously doubt they told anyone about it.

On whether Trill is a Federation member, it is unclear, but I lean toward not a Member.

Risa is a Member. Worf made a statement to the effect that "Risa has the most elaborate (terraforming?) mechinism in the entire Federation." You really have to twist that around for Risa not to be a Member.

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