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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

Last night's episode was just OK for me. I didn't really like the way they handled the characters and their lives after Briarcliff.

Kit apparently had a polygamous relationship with Alma and Grace as they raised two children together. Grace became very obsessed with her abduction experience, and Alma unexpectedly went psycho and murdered her (with an ax, ironically) and got locked up at Briarcliff, only to die there after a short time.

Meanwhile, Lana Banana's fame as an author transformed her into this self-absorbed airhead, but she was still bothered by her conscience for embellishing and changing certain details in her book.

Poor old Sister Jude. It looked as if she completely lost her mind. I wonder if Frances Conroy's inmate character was a real manifestation of the Angel of Death, or was Judy just imagining it in her head? She lost track of time, hoping the erstwhile Monsignor would get her out of the asylum. I really hope they write a positive ending for her. Can't believe next week is already the season finale!
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