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Re: VOY Caption This 98; Con and Conditionality

Captain's Log, Supplemental: The Hair Bun Tree of Nernala VII is just not worth the trouble. I'm going back to the Ronco Hair Weasel.

For people who obsess about hygiene, humans are remarkably lax about bathwater in the stew.

EMH: His "Pon Farr" turned out to be constipation. It seems Neelix's Taco Tuesdays do not agree with the Vulcan colon.

Janeway: That explains why there is no Starfleet medical record of the unholy smell.

EMH: Pity, I was going to write a paper on the syndrome called "Pon Farrting."

What is it, Seven?

The Borg searched for the perfect male enhancement element for centuries. We called it "The Viagara Particle." I believe I have isolated it, Captain.

Don't just stand there, put it in the ventilation system.

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