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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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..this arc would have been infinitely better if Threepio were in it.
The problem was that there were too many clowns. You can't play the story right without the clown and the straight man. This was a horrible mess.

Last night I re-watched the series opener and maybe there is hope after all... that story is excellent. Maul and Savage, flying around the galaxy being dicks and killing for sport... Obi-Wan overwhemed.... oh, I want to go to there! Wash over us and let us forget the suffering that was this first half of season 5.
I also rewatched The Mortis Trilogy again to make sure it was the worst... and it still is.

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Every arc this season has been a 4-parter. Even the seemingly standalone season premiere was actually a bumped-up part 1 of an arc that resumes next week. I guess the 4-part arcs last season such as the Umbara arc and the Obi-Wan undercover arc were well enough received that they decided to do the whole season that way. Or maybe they're "writing for the trade" -- doing 4-part arcs that can be released on home video as movie-length stories.
It's happening already. Just last week they released a DVD of all 4 Darth Maul episodes from last season cut together as a movie called Star Wars The Clone Wars: Darth Maul Returns.
Hmmm... I think you guys are on to something. That sounds about right.
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