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Re: Gerry Anderson has passed away

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Remember how big Thunderbirds became again in the 90s and Tracy Island was the must have for Christmas. I think the puppetry will always have a special quality that CGI just can't capture.
some years back they did a re-release of the movie Thunderbird 6 in my home city (probably during the 90s resurgence) Now the session I went to wasn't exactly packed but I suspect the people there fell into three categories

Those who would have watched Thunderbirds first run, those like my self who watched the repeats in the 70s and 80s and the young kids being along with their fathers being seeing on the big screen.

Oh and when that abomination of a Frakes directed movie was coming (was it ever disavowed by Anderson?) I can remember seeing the poster and thinking what the hell is that? Then realised it was TB2.

BTW does anyone remember the Anime version from the early 80s? If not there was some eps on Youtube. Not quite Anderson quality and little to do with the original apart from the basic concepts (International Rescue, the Thunderbird craft each with a different role) but less of travesty than the movie).
I have a VHS copy of the anime Thunderbirds (think it was called "Thunderbirds 2061" or similar), I picked it up many years ago because I thought it was a continuation of the real Thunderbirds but was disappointed to find it pretty much a loose reworking. Hopefully some day I can transfer it to DVD as I've never seen it listed anywhere on disc.
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