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^ The two novels directly following Destiny are pure exploration (and my favorite two novels in the series). Over a Torrent Sea and Synthesis are great; I highly recommend both.

The following two novels fall into the realm of the Typhon Pact and I am not inclined to recommend either. Seize the Fire is exploration focused, but it involves the Gorn and the same story could have been told whether the Gorn were members of the Pact members or not. There is also an exploration of warp capability as the metric for application of the Prime Directive which I thought was really cool, but the novel is a mess overall.

Fallen Gods has an exploration plot, but is probably the most tied to events of the Typhon Pact of any TTN book. It is a tighter story than Seize the Fire but less ambitious and kinda milktoast overall. The plots of this book and Seize the Fire are connected, so you could sort of link them as a duology.
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