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Re: Kirkin' out the Jans

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^ HA! Yes, you got me, Melakon! As a matter of fact, I still have the little plastic figures for Zoonie & Robert from the XL5 play set. I don't know where the Steve Zodiac & Venus figures got off to, but I assume they are enjoying each other's company, perhaps buried at the bottom of a sandbox in my old neighborhood!!
Oh lord, somebody else? I've still got mine too!
I also still have the XL5, too, but -unlike the Comic Book Guy- I took it out of its packaging back in 1964 and played with it for hours & hours & hours. While it has seen better days, Fireball Jr. now sits on my office shelf beside her newer, smaller, die cast twin, along with the Tardis and the NX-01. Excellent vehicles for moving the imagination around, even if they are impractical for daily commutes or holiday travel!

It is fun to go on eBay and see what prices that XL5 play set brings when someone offers it intact! I'm glad, however, that I got such good milage out of mine, even though some bits of it are now scattered through time....
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