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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Granted, but you would still expect a Captain to try to conserve energy and resources in a situation like that, and not let the crew waste it on so many silly Holodeck adventures.

They actually explained the ability to use the holodecks away on-screen in one of the worst cop-outs written into any sci-fi show. Apparently the holodecks have their own incompatible power reactors, they tried out them to boost ships power and "blew out the power grid on two decks" - wow a test might have been a good idea before just plugging them in.

I actually really like Voyager, and am in the camp that it shouldnt just have become nuBSG, but even I thought this one was a bit silly, why not just have everyone eat on the holodeck then???

And having the ship survive countless Kazon and Borg(!) attacks with no lasting repurcussions or damage strained credibility to the breaking point as well.
It certainly didn't help. They did put damage during episodes, like Equinox for example, but it was always gone by the next week.
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