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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

I think the thread title answers the question all by itself. "Same future, different eyes" describes not only the way it's seen by the people who write, direct, and produce the shows, but also the way viewers perceive them.

Some may be bothered by the tiniest piece of irrelevant minutiae that doesn't match from series to series (or episode to episode), and that's ... ok. But it doesn't bother me a bit that Enterprise had phase pistols but the TOS pilots had hand lasers. At the absolute worst, it's interesting trivia. Keyword: trivia. It's just not that big a deal.

Having become a fan in the early 70s when there was zero new Trek being filmed, I consider us lucky to have had the sequel series and eleven films that came later. History could have played out much differently.

But I do understand that some people just need to complain.

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