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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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Great essay and visualization!
Also notice in this screencap that the "call buttons" seemed to carry some function
Thanks for the encouragement!

It would seem that the ridiculous height of that intercom Uhura is reaching up to quickly blows away my bad-ergonomics argument against the 'call buttons.'

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I think, however, that spare places for turbo lift cabs would mostly be needed near last stops.
Not following you here: isn't every terminus a last stop for somebody?

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According to The Making of Star Trek the turbo lifts were supposed to be driven by pneumatic tube air and in "Wolf in the Fold" we witnessed a free-fall of the turbo lift cab with Kirk and Spock. It would appear that the cabs are "driven" rather than to have their own motion engines.
Wow, that would require a ton of tightly-sealing valves throughout the shaft network: at least three at every shaft junction in the ship. Not to mention fans/vacuums installed in just about every segment. Pneumatics basically expect a single vacuum to suck the cargo along a single, enclosed route; they generally don't have junctions (other than merges from multiple entrances to the combined exit, so what I mean is, they generally don't have routing options).

That all seems highly impractical. I always assumed there would have to be some kind of tractor mechanism on each cab ... not necessarily wheels, but more like a set of "grabber gears" that can crawl the cab along any horizontal or vertical face of any tube interior, which would all be lined with non-moving "ports" or "grooves" that the gears grab hold of. Then each cab is independently mobile regardless of other traffic.

Pneumatics seems like a head-idea that falls apart when it hits the paper, but I'm happy to be corrected by a real engineer if I'm wrong.
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