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Re: Federation members or not? (Canon sources only, please)

More importantly, though, Curzon was a Federation diplomat for decades. Now foreign-born state officals aren't unheard of (Henry Kissenger and Madeline Albright, for instance), but seems pretty unlikely.
Curzon was a diplomat who was involved in Federation-Klingon negotiations - but whether he was a Federation diplomat, remains somewhat ambiguous on screen. The UFP seemed to involve neutral outsiders as negotiators in its dealings with the Klingons; perhaps Curzon was one of those, just like Riva of "Loud as a Whisper" fame?

Memory Alpha leaps to some conclusions regarding Curzon, for example claiming that he served alongside Ben Sisko in Starfleet aboard the Livingston, when all we know is that Ensign Sisko had to look after Ambassador Curzon there, nothing indicating that Curzon "served" (except perhaps sentences in the brig for his usual behavior).

On the other hand, there was a DSN episode in Season Six -- can't remember the title -- in which Benzar was in a verbal list of Federation worlds the Romulans had liberated from the Dominion.
"The Reckoning". The penultimate script version apparently had Bolarus there instead, creating some confusion, but the teaser of the episode discusses Romulans liberating "the Benzite system" and perhaps being unwilling to leave "Benzar" afterwards.

Nothing there indicates Benzar or the Benzite system would be UFP members, though.

Based on one serving as a Starfleet observer and another as quartermaster of a Starfleet surplus depot, I lean towards yes.
Yet the Zakdorn fame spanned the known galaxy. Quite possibly, one serves as a Romulan Imperial Starfleet expert and another as quartermaster of a Cardassian surplus depot...

Timo Saloniemi
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