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Re: Manti Te'o Makes Up Dead Girlfriend

This is the most bizarre story I have ever heard. I've been a Deadspin reader and commenter for about 5 years. Every once in a while they wil buckle down and do a serious long form piece of journalism and absolutely hit it out of the park. If this is true they deserve a fucking Pullitzer. Te'o's comment holds no water as the timeline outlined by Deadspin has him on record as saying that they physically met at Stanford.

Also, you would think during the three month gravy train after Te'o's October 2nd interview he at some point would have mentioned, "oh by the way, I've never met this girl."

I would stay close to Deadspin, they broke the initial story and are most likely not done with their sources. It's going to be an absolute shit show when the other shoe drops.
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