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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

@ Just a Bill

Great essay and visualization! It's basically what I had in mind with my first deck plan drafts, and I think the strange bulb on the circular corridors' ends in Season One suggests that the producers might have had something similar in mind:

Also notice in this screencap that the "call buttons" seemed to carry some function, apparently these did in "WNM" and "Man Trap" but eventually were all removed (to become the overload indicator in the Engineering Control Room in "Space Seed" ).

I think, however, that spare places for turbo lift cabs would mostly be needed near last stops.

@ Albertese

According to The Making of Star Trek the turbo lifts were supposed to be driven by pneumatic tube air and in "Wolf in the Fold" we witnessed a free-fall of the turbo lift cab with Kirk and Spock. It would appear that the cabs are "driven" rather than to have their own motion engines.

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