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Hopefully this isn't to destroy peoples screens, having some issues with imgur.

Anyway, beagles! Here's my uncles pretty girl Bino with our sadly late American cocker spaniel Keiran: (link since it's huge)

One more of Keiran:

Keiran and Zilwer, our fussball that's still alive and well:

Zilwer tired in the summer heat:

And this little fella we only had for a few months when we tried to have three dogs. Proved a bit much in the end so he moved to the veterinarian. As in the vet herself bought him and he's living the good life. Meet Jum-Jum:

And yes, he still has those bright eyes.

And this is how my one of my uncles other dogs Gaston looked like about a year ago when he'd been hit by a car. Things where touch and go for a while but he's now fully recovered with a fully functional metal hip:

And now, some of our cats, Shira (the darker one) and Sweet (the blonde one):

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