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Re: The Worf & Troi romance... what are your thoughts on it?

I started watching TNG partway through S7, so when it looped back to S1, I spent a long time wondering when they got together. I thought they were a good match because I was 12, and them together was what I was used to.

These days I'm more iffy. They ignored the potential of the Riker/Troi romance in favour of this, and it seemed like a somewhat random pairing. Not as bad as the Chakotay/Seven nonsense in Endgame, but still odd.

You can maybe interpret episodes differently in retrospect - any time where Worf goes to Troi for help when he struggles with Alexander, for example. Ethics especially has him asking her to be Alexander's guardian if he dies during his operation. This is what I did when I was younger and was looking for the start of the relationship. I didn't know that the pairing was a random plot to help keep S7 afloat.

I always find it odd that there was never any mention of the relationship again. Sure, when thing don't work out they just peter out, and I know the producers weren't so hot on their idea after the series finished. Just a quick mention of it somewhere along the line, perhaps on DS9, wouldn't have gone amiss.

Or maybe it would for everyone else.
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