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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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The difficultly I am having is understand Why your personal experiences with racism are not reflected in your view of MR SPOCK in case where RACISM is directed toward him. Because frankly, I found him just as racist in return, with a helping of hypocrisy on top of it. Not to say I think McCoy was that much better.
MY WORD!!!! There may hope for the future of humanity after all!!! That's very freshening considering the type of media and educational brain-washing your generation has been bombarded with; reminds me of ERRAND OF MERCY, where KOR said to KIRK,.. "What do we have here,.. a Ram?,.. amongst a population the Sheep!?!"

Did you grow up in the generation where your school sports teams were still allowed to keep score and WIN, or had that not been 'outlawed' at school yet in your day?

The so-called ANTI-SPOCK RACISM,... obviously you can see right through the entire STAR TREK charade... "even" based on your personal RACISM experiences,.. and how did you phrase that again,.. "Visually Identifiable Ethnic Difference", or something like that,... Classic LOL!,.. and "even" with that still, NO sympathy for SPOCK in your posts,.. Bingo!

You know that type of critical-thinking thing might get you into trouble,.. The Government is so supposed to have you hypnotized, complacent, and 'embracing ALL diversity',.. Are you a trouble-maker?

On BETA III, you would be labeled "NOT OF THE BODY", and cause Reger to flap his arms about like a ballerina while screaming for LANDRU.

I bet on EMINIR VII,.. you're probably the type of guy who wouldn't even dutifully report to the disintegration chambers when order by the robot-voiced computer,... what kind of 'Patriot' are you?!?

Now I see where you are coming from. Thanks.

My difficulty in understanding your point arose as you kept re-citing examples from scenes, which, from my PERSPECTIVE, doesn't allow me to actually understand your PERSPECTIVE, by pointing to the incident; that is, until you made the made the 'scene reference-less' point,...

To sum: "All the key STAR TREK characters are False, Hypocritical, and Racist in their conception".




Of course the are, Roddenberry designed the format that way purposefully,.. and NOT to show how "we are all the same deep down inside, once you get past the myriad of differences that makes us INDIVIDUALS, and we all get along just swell,...isn't all so chummy!"

ANWAR - Do you also feel SPOCK is a hypocrite, every time he dons his SF Uniform, considering what the UFP really does, and what SPOCK espouses to hold as his moral/ethic code?

And how did STAR TREK go from Gene's original concept of putting samples of humanity, with all their DIFFERENCES and DIVERGENT ATTITUDES, put them in a bottle and 'Shake them up under pressure', and watch them interact,...

... and get turned into a commercial, an agenda promoting propaganda advertisement, for BEING A CRIME TO EVEN LOOK AT THOSE DIFFERENCES AND HOLD A DIVERGENT ATTITUDE OF NON-EMBRACEMENT?

Or am I being a XENO/HOMOPHOBIC DINOSAUR, like the alarmist robot-voice over the speaker keeps repeating ?
"Teaching English As A Second Language to the Cohms, it's what I do"
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