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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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Easier said than done. At best it would only be an approximation. The conducting and performances would inevitably be different, as would subtler things like the timbre of the individual instruments, the acoustics of the studio, and the parameters of the recording equipment.
If the original recordings no longer exist, I think a happy medium would be Varese-like re-scored tracks. I imagine the entire collection would not run more than 2 or 3 CDs worth of music, since some of the cues were created for other Filmation series, so that would not be featured on a TAS soundtrack.

I would have no problem buying such a collection.

Usually the newest incarnation attracts predictable negativity from the loyalists because of its differences from what they're used to, but a decade later they've changed their tune, having adjusted to its differences and glossed over its problems, and are busy complaining about how the next new incarnation has ruined the franchise.
Key difference here is that over a decade after DS9's end, the general public--or even the majority of the Trek fanbase is not calling for its return. You do not see networks or cable trying to bring DS9, VOY or ENT back, which was the was the case with NBC not long after the demise of TOS (which--in part--paved the way for TAS). Roddenberry's 11th hour rejection of TAS has much to do with certain negative perceptions of it, but in its day, the show was praised by once-skeptical fans, won an Emmy and was considered far and above typcial--if not all Saturday morning material. Some thought it was serious enough to air during prime time.

Then, there's the ancillary side: during the era of laserdiscs, it was less than rare to see an entire animated series issued on the format; at best (or more common), double featured (or two sided) collections saw the light of shelves--and even that was rare. Then, there's TAS--released as a series box set in 1990 (and had been released as 2 episode VHS tapes earlier).

For such an expensive, niche / luxury format, it speaks to the notion that Paramount recognized the popularity of TAS as a vital part of the franchise, and felt it was a worthy, money-earning the effort--even on a format which at the time, was not serious competition to the videotape.

The Berman-period series--with a slight exception of TNG --are not pop culture phenomenons the public loves or requests more chapters from. Moreover, when TNG turned 20, the news media barely covered it, while I was in L.A. for TOS' 20th, and it was big news (along with a media event party & screening of the uncut version of The Cage, etc.).

The fact Trek required a recent reboot keeps the disasters of the Berman period alive in the minds of fans.

And let's remember that this is a TAS thread. If you want to argue about the Abrams movies, please do it in a thread that's actually about that subject.
Yes, that is true (and you were talking to someone else) but I thought something else needed to be said about ST perceptions.
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