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Re: Big Bang-Next Generation

I guess my problem with the show – and I'm saying that as someone who has watched every episode of it – is that they don't want the viewer to laugh with the characters but at them. It didn't bother me at first, but the last two seasons or so have been really annoying in that it's always "Look how socially awkward and uncool geeks are!" Think about it, this show is written for an audience that is like Penny rather than the boys. The stories are always looked at from an angle of someone who really isn't a geek. And I think that might be the reason why the show is so popular with general audiences. To me, though, some of the jokes can really be offensive. I swear, another "lesbian" joke out of the mouth of Amy and I'm gonna quit that show.

Also, it seems like the authors don't really care about the characters anymore. No-one is allowed to be really happy. Everyone is just a basic joke, a cypher. And it has become apparent, that none of these people are actually friends. They never help each other and aren't there for one another. They are never allowed to become emotional either. And that's really tiring.

It's also somewhat offensive how they always tease with Raj's apparent homosexuality, but never seem to have to balls to actually make him gay. Really, it's just there so we can laugh about him. And it's hillarious!

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