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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

This is kind of brilliant! I just may steal this idea whole cloth for my own Enterprise Deck plans project.

But this does make me wonder something about turbolifts... just how do they move? What mechanism allows for their locomotion?

Maybe the cab has wheels which somehow grip the walls of the tube? But I suppose they'd have to be ball shaped wheels like on the cars and trucks of future Chicago in I, Robot. I have always imagined that for both mechanical and safety reasons, such a set-up would need two sides of a cab to be in contact with walls, which makes me wonder if this wider room for extra lift cabs would allow for that. Maybe the square area has addition track hardware of it's own to handle the cabs and transition them back to the regular tube?

This may all be a stupid and pointless observation as I am very tired right now, and probably not in my right mind... but I'm gonna click "submit" anyway...

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