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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Mowhawks are for tryhards conforming to acceptable parameters of rebellion now.

Unless they're being Ironic.

Then they're just assholes.

Fauxhawks were never cool.

It's definitely over 20 years since they were taken.

Whet pegged me was Kitty saying that Jean was in the class ahead. Kitty joined during the dark Phoenix saga. They barely met before Jean died on the moon 6 issues or 6 hours later. And when Jean came back for X-Factor, Kitty was off in England with Excalibur (Although Kitty celebrated her 16th birth day in I think it was probably Excalibur 16. Courtney Ross (Courtney Cox + Ross Ghellar? Weird.)bought her an Italian sports car.). Any time they met after that they would have been peers and adults, before Jean died again.
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