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Re: "AGE OF THE HOBBITS": Asylum finally sued for making ripoff movies

I just saw my first Asylum movie: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. I was curious to see whether it might be better than the movie it was ripping off (not inconceivable in this case).

Well maybe not, but it had two things to recommend it: "A man divided against himself cannot stand" (Abe explaining the usefulness of decapitation when fighting zombies) and an ending that was actually kinda touching.

It was fun seeing the Union and Confederate sides arguing over politics while zombie hordes were rampaging outside but Stonewall Jackson's beard was even worse than Thaddeus Stevens wig in Lincoln.

Speaking of Jackson, he was dead by the time the movie was set (post-Gettysburg) and I was hoping he'd turn out to be a zombie in a clever twist history buffs would get, but no such luck.

Verdict: not as horrible as I expected. Sorta fun, really, and showed more effort than strictly needed in a cheapo ripoff movie.
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