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Re: Sy Fy cancels Alphas

I literally this week decided to finally check the show out, and I have the first two episodes now on the Skybox. Now I wonder if I should even bother.

Ah well. I have a lot of TV to watch as-is (I got the Forbydelsen Blu-Rays over the holidays, not to mention Borgen's second season and some other shows) and between Defiance and the return of Falling Skies and Continuum, I guess I'll have enough SF TV for the year.

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Though that show did have the trainwreck "it-can't-get-any-worse-oh-no-sh*t-it-did" appeal that no show has developed since. Well, American Horror Story is having a good go...
That's pretty much AHS's raison d'Ítre. There's a TV show that basically lives on its ability to go completely off the rails every week.
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