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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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To get a clean collection of TAS music tracks I suspect you'd simply have to get an orchestra together and recreate and re-record the music.
Easier said than done. At best it would only be an approximation. The conducting and performances would inevitably be different, as would subtler things like the timbre of the individual instruments, the acoustics of the studio, and the parameters of the recording equipment.

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Only the series is still followed after forty years. Check back with me in four decades and tell me if ST09 is still remembered.
Ironic to hear that in a thread about TAS, a show that's gotten far less acceptance over the decades than most incarnations of the franchise. Usually the newest incarnation attracts predictable negativity from the loyalists because of its differences from what they're used to, but a decade later they've changed their tune, having adjusted to its differences and glossed over its problems, and are busy complaining about how the next new incarnation has ruined the franchise. The reactions today about the Abrams movies are a carbon copy of the reactions to ENT a decade ago -- and a quarter-century ago, there was vehement and deep-rooted hostility toward TNG, now the second-most beloved incarnation. But TAS has always struggled for acceptance -- and yet it is still remembered, yes, absolutely. The idea that any incarnation of Star Trek would be completely forgotten is just plain silly.

And let's remember that this is a TAS thread. If you want to argue about the Abrams movies, please do it in a thread that's actually about that subject.
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