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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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A Nobel 6 days into office? Really? For what?
The exact same reason why KIRK has an award-record a mile long. Think it through,... again the KEY lies in applying STAR TREK parallelisms.

Whether for Heroism, Military Action, or Humanitarianism it all boils down to one thing and one thing only - Positive reinforcement Marketing tokens given out as rewards for good behavior in advancing the ultimate UFP agenda - To bring all planets, and their people, under the rule and standard of the UFP cultural ideal and control, by absorbing those cultures deemed 'correct', or 'correctable' with UFP 'aid', or destroyed as 'Dangerous' during "an act of self-defense" while invading their home world.

KIRK is a Poster-boy for the 'Agenda Ideal' of his moment, so he MUST be held up and recognized to show the sheep where to look for what is being accepted as "good" in the 'New Way'.

That's why.

LOL!!! Just wait till they roll out the next one they have waiting in the wings,. your head is going to spin.

Again,.. use the STAR TREK parallelisms,.. look at the design change over time in the IDEAL ROLE MODEL CAPTAIN,.. sensing a change here from Saurian Brandy, to Earl Grey Tea, to ______. Yes, STAR TREK is 'AHEAD OF ITS TIME,.. by about 15 years of impending cultural and behavioral standard.

As to the ANTI-SPOCK RACISM as it relates to his RELIGION,... we are NEVER shown this to be an "ANTI-SPOCK" cause for issue - in fact, quite the opposite - SPOCK's obviously Cabalistic practices, beliefs, and culture are of great benefit to the UFP agenda, and therefore we are only shown this in a positive light and every example but one - AMOK TIME (but then BIG PHARMA steps in to save the day,.. bah, of course!).

Obviously the ONLY UFP APPROVED RELIGION is JUDEO/CHRISTIAN, personified by KIRK/SPOCK,.. even though we are TOLD: "We honor all religious beliefs".


Because we are SHOWN a UFP approved Judeo/Christian culture every time a UFP members religious beliefs are an integral part of a scene.

HOWEVER,...every other religion the UFP encountered, then met with the nozzle-end of a phaser - Apollo, Landru, Va'al, etc, - and given a photon torpedo enema.

So while SPOCK didn't catch any ANTI-SPOCK heat for burning incense, using psychic abilities, or refusing to eat meat - remember these are UFP approved religious practices,..

And you'll approved them too - in 15 years time, or so - or get a "Bonk, Bonk" on the head.

However, being just ONE, among an all Human crew, I think the bigger reason is SPOCK KEPT HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS TO HIMSELF, and didn't go around pulling a LOKAI,.. and then run crying to KIRK, that he had been 'offended', when he was told take his bag of Vulcan VooDoo and jump-off.

Oh, and yes,.. KIRK will be labelled a DINOSAUR, eventually vilified, and made out to be an 'Evil Brute' from the past,...

"We have no such primitive thinking THESE days".

That is, once the UFP has all the Galaxy 'Signed-up' as 'Subscribers', or Destroyed by KIRK and other "rugged Starship Captains" of his "TYPE"

And to keep the sheep-like masses from getting any bright ideas about EVER acting up against the UFP control in the future,..

Or creating any upset within the civil population by collecting into bands of like minded, like-appearing, like_____ people,.. ANY non-acceptance of UFP approved standard will be deemed a HATE CRIME committed by a TERRORIST.

And since he no longer will serve a need to the UFP agenda - having been fulfilled - and since his attitudes will be branded as ANTI-UFP, INDEPENDENT THINKER, SELF-ACTING, a 'BAD MAN' - he will be labelled a _______ phobe,

Personal possession of Disputers will be strictly outlawed of course,..

And the TELE-TUBBIES will be given the ENTERPRISE, via government-funded grant, turn it into an intergalactic Disco/Club House for everyone,.. no one excluded, after all, 'we're all the same',.. even robots!,..and go cruisin' with Captain Twink.

"I. Robot",.. ? No, more like "Ay Carambe!"

So no,.. the JEWISHNESS of SPOCK will never be called into a contentious scene of RACISM/CULTURALISM,.. only a positive scene.

After all, its the UFP way!
"Teaching English As A Second Language to the Cohms, it's what I do"

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