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Re: Giving Enterprise another chance

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I'm not sure I understand rewatching something you obviously hated just to make sure you still hate it. It seems like a colossal waste of time and energy, though I suppose if you're starting to appreciate it more this go 'round, more power to ya..
When Enterprise aired, I quit about halfway through the second season in disgust. Years without new Trek softened me to the series more and I got through it all last year. It's still my least favorite of all the five series, but there are some gems in there.
Yea, I watched TNG and DS9 religiously, but, missed alot of Voyager of Enterprise (And what I did watch, I watched with preconceived notions). I've recently watched them all the way through without those preconceived notions and enjoyed them both alot more. On the other hand, my recent rewatch all the way through of TNG (First time straight through, though I've seen many reruns here and there) I found I thought a greater percentage of it was pretty average compared to what I was expecting.
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