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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Collective: Reminded me of DS9's Valiant, with the terribly annoying child actors. In this episode there were less of them, and not every child actor was annoying....mainly just the lead drone....The premise wasn't bad, but it was rather dull. How much more do they need to humanize the Borg? I guess I'm not opposed to humanizing them if it's done in an interesting and unique way, ala Survival Instinct....
Not a favorite of mine(.and I think I'm one of the few Trek fans online that don't find kids annoying, except Wesley) I liked how the Borg kids were kinda like "Children of the Corn" in their creepiness. I think the only good parts are that it introduces Icheb into the series and how Seven finally gets how fucked up she is/was being assimilated as a child in how the lead kid drone mirrors her from "Survival Instinct"

Spirit Folk: Fun, exciting, and full of laughs! Great follow up to Fair Haven!
Favorite scene is the Doc. flinging open the church doors: "SINNERS!!!!"
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