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Re: Manti Te'o Makes Up Dead Girlfriend

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I just can't believe this is a 'Catfish' situation. I was watching his interview before the BCS bowl and it was just fishy. And he's told so many stories to this point...
It isn't a Catfish thing, not at all. Te'o and his father have been quoted, multiple times, on the record, that there were face-to-face meetings between the two and she visited him multiple times in Hawaii. This is Te'o / Notre Dame just putting all their money on the media being stupid.

As soon as someone explains how it was one of Manti's close friends that found the pictures used for the dead girlfriend (and was also the guy in charge of her Twitter account), I'll change my position.

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What I don't like about it is if he came clean to the Notre Dame coaches back in early December (according to the press conference), why was the story allowed to continue on ESPN? Why didn't Notre Dame and Te'o at that point simply state no comment any time from that point forward when they were asked about the girlfriend?

This was a full month before the National Championship game. The story of the girlfriend was a centerpiece of the storyline for that game.
It's Notre Dame. The school covered up two sexual assaults by members of the football team, but immediately launched a full investigation of this issue with Te'o.
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